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Reicon Group, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Reinauer Transportation Companies, LLC, is headquartered in Staten Island, NY. Since 1986, Reicon Group, LLC (previously known as Reinauer Marine Construction) has operated in the marine and foundation construction market in the NY/NJ/CT area.

The marine and heavy sectors of the construction market can be the most challenging areas of the industry. Reicon Group, LLC specializes in pile driving, pier rehabilitation & construction, bulkhead construction, pier demolition, bridge repairs, deep foundations, sub sea construction & repairs as well as salvage operations. In addition to multiple waterborne and land-based pile driving rigs, we have several general purpose cranes and an array of support equipment for a variety of construction applications. Reicon Group, LLC also has fully crewed and outfitted commercial diving teams to perform virtually any underwater task. Project management and site supervision is accomplished through a staff of team members with broad experience in foundation and maritime infrastructure construction operations

Reicon Group, LLC is recognized in the industry as a contractor with the knowledge and experience to handle all phases of a given project. Through our sister company, BTT Construction of Boston, Reicon Group, LLC can effectively compete for, and manage, marine and foundation projects from Maine to Virginia.
Whether planning or designing a project, Reicon Group, LLC is ready to assist owners with site evaluation, engineering, inspection, materials' costing and logistics.

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