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The Erie Basin Bargeport (a joint venture between Reinauer Transportation & Hughes Maritime) is a maritime industrial facility located at the foot of Columbia Street in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, New York. It contains 30 acres of land and 56 acres of underwater property. It is less then five minutes from the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and is located on a peninsula; onto which there is only one entrance. This entrance is guarded 24 hours a day by uniformed security provided by the landlord.

Erie basin has over 4000 lineaer feet of deepwater pier space available to commercial vessels for lay berthing. there is a barge loading berth for transferring cranes and materials between shore to barge. Our facilities are available to change crews, take on water or make topside repairs to your vessel, (crane service is available). Our warehouse, office and shed space is available for non-marine, as well as marine uses.

Contact: Mr. Bob Hughes
Phone: (732) 225-1212

400 Border Street, East Boston

Located at the confluence of the Mystic River and Chelsea Creek, the 8.5 acre site has over 1500 linear feet of docks with an average MLW depth of 29 alongside. The south pier, rebuilt in 1999, has an adjacent 35,530 square feet of warehouse space. The facilitys main building is a modern, 2 story, 25,000 square foot, concrete structure housing office and industrial space. There is additional warehousing totaling 5600 square feet in three outbuildings and a large tract of upland lay down area.

Water access is direct from the Boston main ship channel. Road access is available through two guard-controlled gates with 700 feet of frontage on Border Street, East Boston. The facility is 5 minutes from Logan International Airport. To the west, cross-harbor tunnels connect within minutes to Boston and Interstate Highways 93 and 90. Access to the northern highways, US Route 1 and Interstate 95, is through the neighboring cities of Chelsea and Revere.

Utilities on the site consist of natural gas, industrial electrical distribution and city water/sewer. Public transportation is within one block of the facility.

Celebrating over 95 Years of Service to the Maritime Industry. Established 1923 Third Generation Family Owned and Operated.
1983 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island, NY 10302
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