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Reinauer Transportation Companies is a leader in the maritime industry. Established in 1923, Reinauer is a family-owned and operated group of companies offering a diverse range of services, specializing in bulk liquids chemical and petroleum transportation, ship assist and docking, and escort and general towing services. Reinauer’s wholly-owned subsidiaries and affiliate companies offer additional services including marine construction, rehabilitation, demolition and engineering services, offshore support services, and a full-service shipyard offering new construction, vessel overhaul and vessel repair. Reinauer companies focus on excellence in the areas of health, safety, quality and environmental performance and are supported by some of the industries’ most experienced personnel. Reinauer is headquartered in Staten Island, New York with offices in East Boston, Massachusetts and North Kingstown, RI.

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Celebrating a Century of Excellence: Reinauer Transportation Companies Marks 100-Year Milestone.

In a testament to resilience and innovation, Reinauer Transportation Companies proudly commemorates its remarkable 100-year anniversary. Established in 1923 by Bert Reinauer, this family-owned enterprise has navigated through a century of challenges, growth, and evolution to be a leading force in the maritime industry.

Founded in New York, Reinauer Transportation Companies began its journey with a single vessel. Under the leadership of Bert Reinauer, the company steadily expanded its fleet and services, establishing a reputation for reliability, safety, and excellence in maritime transportation.

Throughout its history, Reinauer Transportation Companies has demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt to changing industry dynamics and technological advancements. From the transition of vessel technologies to embracing modernization and eco-friendly practices, the company has remained at the forefront of innovation, ensuring operational efficiency while minimizing its environmental footprint.

Now in its fourth generation of family stewardship, Reinauer Transportation Companies continues to uphold the principles of integrity, collaboration, and stewardship instilled by its founder. This familial ethos extends not only to its employees but also to the stakeholders it serves, fostering enduring relationships built on trust and respect.

Reinauer Transportation Companies celebrates its centenary, it looks towards the future with optimism and determination. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, the company is poised to continue its legacy of excellence for generations to come. As it embarks on its next century, Reinauer Transportation Companies remains committed to upholding the values that have guided it for the past 100 years, ensuring a brighter and sustainable future for the maritime industry and the people it serves.

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