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RTC Becomes HSQE Certified

Recently, Reinauer endeavored to become certified in occupational health and safety, conforming to the OHSAS 18001:2007 standard. OHSAS, or Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series 18001 is an international standard which sets out the requirements for occupational health and safety management for organizations. It provides guidelines upon which companies can design a health and safety framework, combining all relevant controls and processes into one management system. It is commonly known as the Health or “H” standard for short. OHSAS 18001 brings many benefits including strengthening our safety management system, facilitating the identification of hazards, assessment of risks to operations, and creating controls to manage these. This results in reduced workplace incidents, cuts related costs and downtime, engages and motivates staff with better/safer work environments, and helps create the best possible working conditions across the organization. As of April 10, 2014 Reinauer was certified by the American Bureau of Shipping as an HSQE Company. Having maintained an SQE (Safety, Quality and Environmental) certification, the “H” was the next step aiding Reinauer in continuing to deliver the highest quality service while providing a commitment to health, safety and the environment. Significantly, the HSQE certificate is held by only a few operators within the industry and demonstrates Reinauer’s commitment to continual improvement and distinguished excellence.  

Over the past 90 years of proudly serving the maritime industry, Reinauer Transportation has seen its fleet grow to more than 80 vessels. Beginning with a small converted fishing vessel transporting petroleum in the local waters of New Jersey, Reinauer now encompasses a variety of joint ventures and strategic alliances, including Boston Towing and Reicon.

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